Looking for Craven Coetzee? contact him on 0800 420042. On the 2nd March 2022 Craven founded IT NEAR U LIMITED - an ICT Business Consulting service and premium home mobile support company #ITnearU #ITNU

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early IT interest

When geeks & nerds were still "un-cool", Craven was tinkering with tech. He has been involved in IT in some way or another since he received his first Atari console, then Sinclair ZX81 in the 1980's.

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Kondura Software

His first venture into the business world was as founder of a software company writing custom applications using relational database tools for small business, later diving computer networking & server support.

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Compustat (Pty) Ltd.

He had a very brief stint at Compustat (Pty) Ltd. as a senior network engineer & consultant servicing clients in Port Elizabeth, South Africa with his network, software, Novell and Microsoft server skills.

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Kondura Technologies CC

In 1997, he founded Kondura Technologies. He offered IT consultancy for many business sectors, legal, financial, manufacturing, retail offering strategic managed services. He managed it for over 20 years.

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UPDATE: RESIGNED: 1 February 2022. You could say Craven was #allOVERit - all over IT ltd is a small "mom and pop" owned mobile tech support company servicing residential and super gold customers.

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Craven Coetzee

Craven Coetzee’s career in the ICT Consulting industry is marked by dedication and humble achievement. As the founder and former owner/manager of Kondura Technologies in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, he contributed to the business for over two decades, helping it become one of the recognized names in the local market.

During this time, Craven’s roles were diverse, including that of Business Manager/Owner, ICT Administrator, ICT Manager, and various consultant positions. His hands-on involvement in management, sales, marketing, strategy, finance, and other areas associated with running a business provided him with a rich and multifaceted experience.

Before his leadership at Kondura Technologies, Craven devoted seven years to relational database design & software development. His experience encompassed the entire process of gathering data, designing, and writing tailored documentation and code to meet customers’ unique needs. Although technology has evolved, and some coding languages are less common today, the foundational skills and processes Craven learned continue to be of value. His personal interest in programming and continuous learning keeps these skills fresh and relevant.

In January 2019, Craven embarked on a new adventure in New Zealand, working diligently to grow a small local IT company to grow their client base. His perseverance and commitment were rewarded after three years when he received his New Zealand residency.

Though offered the chance to purchase the business, Craven’s thoughtful reflection and consideration led him to a different path. He saw an opportunity to start anew, founding IT NEAR U LIMITED on 2 March 2022. Free to build the company without constraints, and guided by modern technologies and systems, he created an IT support company that represents his vision.

Since its inception in March 2022, IT NEAR U LIMITED has experienced organic growth, with an encouraging number of referrals helping it to meet growth expectations each month. Craven’s humble approach and enthusiastic embrace of new opportunities are a testament to his ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of ICT. His story serves as an inspiring example of how genuine passion and persistent effort can lead to fulfilling success.



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also… amateur photographer, and occasional computer programmer.

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